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20 Little Known Facts about Facebook

Facebook, founded by Mark Zuckerberg in 2004, is an online social networking service that allows users to create profiles, upload photos videos, send messages etc. Facebook is available in more than 35+ languages. Since its inception, facebook has always been in...

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Cool Things you can do with Wikipedia

Image Source Wikipedia as we all now is an online content encyclopedia created by the collaborative efforts of people like you and me from all around the globe. You can create articles, edit an existing one, browse through endless knowledge etc. Since its inception in...

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16 Legit Ways to make Money on Internet

Well, on a broader perspective internet is more than Facebooking and downloading music and movies - You can make money off it too! The Internet is surrounded by ample opportunities to make a quick buck. By doing the right things, most importantly the things you're...

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24 Interesting Human Psychology Facts

Psychology is the study that pretty much explains how our brain works. According to research, on an average, humans only use only 10% of their brains. Just imagine, within that little number we have practically achieved the impossible and are pushing our limits each...

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32 Interesting Websites

Internet has always amazed me with its aura. I mean it's really unbelievable how a technology is transforming lives of countless every moment. It has something for everybody. Whether its information or movie or music or images or knowledge name it and you will find it...

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Why it was awesome growing up in Bhilai

I spent the most beautiful years of my life in Bhilai. This city has given me laughter's, tears and everything in between. Its hard to imagine that just like that 23 years have passed to the city I love, adore, admire the most. This post is a tribute to Bhilai and its...

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10 Social Networks you should definitely Explore

Social networks are web-based services that allow individuals to create a public profile, to create a list of users with whom to share connections, and view and cross the connections within the system. When it comes to social networking our top choices has always been...

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