A few Days back, I finally decided that it’s time that I should get myself a power bank. So, like a responsible buyer, I first resorted to research regarding which brand I should go for. But when I actually started searching for power banks online, I was awestruck by the number of brands that were available for buying. Bottom Line, I was totally confused. I mean some known brand’s power bank were so high priced where as the same power capacity was offered by other unknown brands at a much cheaper price. There were many questions that came into my mind as to how much power o/p should be sufficient for my needs, which brand to go for, what should be my budget etc. After some more research, I created a checklist which helped me choose my power bank. Hope it helps you too.

1. Capacity of Powerbank > Capacity of Battery.

Suppose the capacity of a battery is 2000 mAH, then the power bank should always be higher than 2000 mAH. But the fact to be considered is that, if we are charging a phone of 2000 mAH with a power bank of 2200 mAH, we will only be able to charge the device once from 0 to 100%. So if we want to charge the same device again or multiple devices we would be requiring a power bank with higher capacity.

2. It should prevent overcharging.

We are always in a habit of putting the phone to charge in the night and going to sleep. Try to avoid this and if not go for a power bank which automatically cuts off the electricity, so as to prevent overcharging.

3. It should prevent short circuit.

In case of a short circuit, the power bank should be equipped with auto power cut off facility.

4. Multiple Charging Ports are preferred.

This feature comes handy if you are carrying multiple phones as it will save time by parallelly charging both the devices.

5. Don’t go for cheap brands.

The market is flooded with cheap brands claiming huge power output at cheap prices. I warn you, don’t be fooled by tall claims. It’s always better to spend a bit and go for a branded power bank.

If you’ve any queries or any suggestions do let me know in the comments section.

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