Whether you’re writing a blog or designing a Web project or a mobile application, the one thing you would always require is images. Google Images can be an answer, but then again, copyright is an issue which shouldn’t be overlooked. After all, no one should deliberately involve in legal issues. The second option can be to buy stock images. Sites like Shutterstock sell legal image copyrights for lots of money. If you’ve money, you can always visit those sites, but if you’re like me who doesn’t want to spend on images, there is a third alternative.

There are few sites that allow you to download images for free and which can be used commercially, with any sorts of modifications; without giving any attribution to the creator or thinking about any copyright policy. I am talking about CC0 license. Creative Commons (CC) is an American non-profit organization devoted to expanding the range of creative works available for others to build upon legally and to share (Wiki).

cc0 images

So following are the three websites that I use for my Web projects and blogs. The best thing about them is that all of the images hosted there are under CC0 license, so you can use any images without any concerns. Secondly, all the three sites have search engines, which helps you find relevant images.




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