The biggest challenge for anybody working in the IT or any other industry is to maintain a proper work Life balance. An improper Work-Life balance not only affects our personal life but highly affects our productivity at a professional level and ultimately leading to stress, depression, anger, frustration etc. So here are few tips that will definitely help –

1. Be on time, Leave on time (If we are really productive during our working hours, then there is no need to sit extra).

time is money

2. Avoid Working on Weekends (For God’s sake don’t go to office on weekends. Because when you’ll fall sick your work won’t take care of you).

work judiciously

3. Keep in touch with your loved ones (Call your relatives, your old friends once in a while, it will definitely bring a smile to your face).

call family

4. Keep your passion/hobby alive (As Kids we used to so many things collecting stamps, chocolate wrappers, coins; Why not now ?)

follow passion

5. Get off the grid once in a while (You got to have  a bit of Me time every now and then).

me time

6. Be organised in life (Some degree of discipline in life in terms of health, time management, exercise habits is required to achieve a proper work life balance).

organised life

7. Go on a Vacation (Go and have fun with your family and friends, because life is too short to be busy at all times).


8. Use your phone judiciously (Don’t be a slave to your phone. Know when to keep it away).

dont misuse phone

9. Learn to say NO (You don’t have to say yes to everything that comes your way).

say no

10. Ask for help (There is no shame in asking and discussing your problems with friends, family, mentor etc. After all, we are humans and not computers).

ask for help

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