I spent the most beautiful years of my life in Bhilai. This city has given me laughter’s, tears and everything in between. Its hard to imagine that just like that 23 years have passed to the city I love, adore, admire the most. This post is a tribute to Bhilai and its awesomeness. So here it goes, 25 reasons why growing up in Bhilai was awesome –

1. Shanti & Satyam Bakery were always the most famous hangout places.

bhilai bakery

2. Long Drives on Rajnandgaon Highway and Forest Avenue road was always refreshing.

bhilai highway drive

3. Whether it was Eid or Diwali or Lohri or Durga Pooja or Ganesh Chaturthi or any other festival, we celebrated each one of them with joy and fervor.

bhilai festival

4. IIT Coachings after Class 10 was a necessity rather than interest.

bhilai coaching

5.ย Civic Centre was the one stop destination for all kinds of parties.

civic centre bhilai

6. Writing Quarter No, Street No and Sector in your address had a different feeling altogether.

bhilai address

7. We were never short of greeneries around us.

green bhilai

8. Nanhe’s Tea was just too awesome to be missed.

nanhe coffee

9. Sector -10 Coffee-house always managed to pull ‘The Intellectual Lots’.

bhilai coffee house

10. Sector 6 ‘A’ Market was the pilgrim ground for all kinds of shoppers and shopping.

bhilai shopping

11. Maitri bagh was the ultimate destination for weekend outings.

bhilai zoo

12.ย Jawahar Udyaan was always in the limelight for its controversies.

bhilai park

13. Evening stroll in sector parks was always delightful.

bhilai green parks

14. We had Sector-9(JLNH&RC) Hospital to take care of us.

bhilai hospital

15. “Bhilai Steel Plant” was always a reason to be proud of.

bhilai steel plant

16 Whether its BIT or Shankara or Rungta or CSIT; Tech Fests brought us together.

bhilai college fest

17. Utkal, Mp Sweets & Madhuram satisfied our sweet tooths.

bhilai sweet

18. Khalsa Dhaba and Shivnath Cafeteria were the favorite out of city destinations for late night dinners.

bhilai dhaba

19. Clubbing meant going to Bhilai club or Steel Club.

bhilai clubs

20. Nehru art gallery and Kala Mandir kept the art thingy inside us alive.

bhilai art gallery

21. Devilal’s ‘Aaluย Bonda’ was just irresistible.

bhilai fast food

22. ย Thanks to Bhilai, we didn’t had to go to Kota for our Competitive Exam preparations.

bhilai coaching

23. We always preferred Coolers over Air Conditioners during Summers.

bhilai summers

24. Big Houses at Nehru Nagar always amazed us.

bhilai Nehru Nagar

25. ‘Upadhyay’ – Because having paans and ‘stuffs’ from other places was too mainstream.

bhilai pan shop

In case I have missed something, Please do chip in with your suggestions below in the comment section.

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